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Proprietary Injection Molding

With millions of parts in inventory, we warehouse “job lot” quantities of some of the most common plastic closures used in the packaging industry. Our ability to maintain these ready to ship orders gives our customers peace of mind that their upstream supply line is secure and less threatened by constraints of JIT (just in time) inventory, purchase projection errors as well as unforeseen supply chain breakdowns. There are several testimonials in our company history in which our stock inventory saved.

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Warehousing to support JIT

Utilizing both on and offsite warehouse space, Barrett Plastics has adequate room to inventory finished products, saving our customers from having to use their valuable warehouse space. Using our ERP inventory software, we analyze historical order/sales history, run sales projections and study logistical needs and constraints, allowing us to assist our customers in managing their procurement/ supply chain needs.

Our Machine Shop Includes:

  • Vertical CNC milling center

  • CNC lathe

  • Surface grinders

  • Manual milling machine

  • Manual lathe

  • Optical comparator

  • Multiple bandsaws

  • Complete cutting

  • Welding

  • Fabrication

Custom Injection Molding

With injection molding machines ranging in size from 101 Tons to 528 Tons, Barrett Plastics provides high quality, timely and competitively priced custom molding. With more than 25 years of molding experience, we understand what it takes to produce quality molded parts as efficiently as possible. We have experience in working with many types of resins including engineering grade and alternative resins such as biodegradable and compostable resins.

Utilizing our new, state-of-the-art, ERP (enterprise Resource Planning) software system, we effectively manage our customers’ orders. From point of order placement, raw material management, production scheduling, quality control, inventory management and product shipment, we control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Our customers’ molds are stored in a clean, climate-controlled environment and are thoroughly cleaned and inspected after every use. We use only brass hand tools on molds to help ensure that no damage occurs while clearing stuck parts, sprues, runners, blocked gates, etc. We take the utmost pride in and care for our customer’s


Our tool shop consists of high-quality, modern machining and diagnostic equipment.

Design, Fabrication & Mold Shop

Using the latest and up-to-date design software, we assist our customers with new concept projects, redesign/modification projects and damage and repair assessments. Our team is experienced with cold-runner tools, three plate molds heated sprues, insulated runner and hot-runner systems.

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