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In-House Machine Shop

Our in-house machine shop consists of modern, quality machining equipment and enables us to perform custom tooling adjustments and make high-quality repairs in a timely manner. Our computer-controlled equipment, combined with the latest software, ensures that expected tolerances are met and often exceeded. Our relationship with multiple domestic and foreign tooling partners allows us the flexibility to design and build new molds for a variety of products and applications.

On-Site Warehouse

Our onsite warehouse, combined with our spacious off-site warehouse, affords us the ability to store supplies, raw materials and a large inventory of finished goods to fill customer orders much more quickly than industry standards. Once customer usage is established, we adjust inventory levels to ensure just-in-time needs can be met while offering flexibility for unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum material handling system was added in 2019. Combined with our 80,000 lb. capacity material silos and 4,000 lb. capacity bulk resin bins, the system enables us to buy resin in bulk trucks or in boxes and deliver a wide variety of resins on demand to all machines throughout our facility while reducing the possibility of cross-contamination of material.

Our Machines

Our injection molding machines include modern electric and hydraulic injection molding machines and range in size from 110 TONS to 528 TONS.

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