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Unmatched Precision and Quality

Expert Plastic


Proprietary Injection Molding

Custom Injection


Design, Fabrication & Mold Shop

Warehousing to support JIT

Who We Are

Precision & Quality

Barrett Plastics, LLC. is a plastic injection molding company located in northwest Arkansas, USA, where we specialize in both proprietary and custom molding.

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Our Products

  • Fez Caps

  • Stand Up Caps

  • Flat Caps

  • Snap-On Caps

  • Lube Caps

  • Reverse-Taper Caps

  • Flat Top Piercer Caps

  • Grease Tip Caps

  • Cartridge Plungers

Our Services

With injection molding machines ranging in size from 101 Tons to 528 Tons, Barrett Plastics provides high-quality, timely, and competitively-priced custom molding.

Our Facility 

Our onsite warehouse, combined with our spacious off-site warehouse, affords us the ability to store supplies, raw materials and a large inventory of finished goods.

Our History

Barrett Plastics has made great strides to improve business practices, processes and to expand its customer base.

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